Always keep the quality up!

(William Edwards Upjohn)

After some time of wandering, exepriments and learning the art of 3D printing, as well as problems with the filaments delivery and inconsistency of the colors we ordered, on September 27, 2019 we offered on the market “GD Filament” – our new thread (filament) for 3d printing. Manufacturer and owner of the brand is the company “Fromvoulevs” Ltd., Sofia – a company with more than 30 sucessful years of development and hugh investments in the pharmaceutical sector. We use the highest quality row materials currently available in the United States and Europe.

At this stage our product variety is represented by filaments type PLA, ABS, PETG, HIPS, FLEX (TPU), PC/ABS, PA12, ASA in different color options. We also have PLA variants: SILK, WOOD, INTERFERENCE, FLUORESCENT and we continue to develop new colors and products. PLA max has higher strength properties than ordinary PLA. ABS + has no odor when printing and is suitable for use with open type 3d printers. Available in 1.75 mm and 2.85 mm (for Ultimaker-type printers). HIPS can be used on its own (it is lighter and more flexible than ABS) and as a support material for ABS. This requires a 3d printer with two extruders or possibility to change the material/colors during the print – like AMS (Bambulab) or MMU (Prusa). Dissolves without residue in d-limonene and thus leaves no traces of support. We also offer d-limonene.

In Recommendations we give the recommended conditions for working with our filaments. Please, before placing an order, read the Terms and Conditions, which contains explanations of how we work. One of the problem we face every day is the residual moisture – we give some recommendations and we share our experience in Filaments and moisture, where we explain some of the problems with residual moisture in filaments and how to remove it to get high quality 3D printing. To have a well printed model ALWAYS DRY YOUR FILAMENTS BEFORE PRINTING !!!

The technology of 3d printing is developing at an incredible pace. Printers are getting better and with more options, materials are increasing their species diversity and color gamuts, and this is leading to the increasing application of 3d printing in areas of everyday household – to ultra-high technology. Its capabilities are not limited to small toys, biological organs or fuel mixers for rocket engines – they are simply limitless. 3d printing gives everyone the unique opportunity not only to generate ideas, but also to implement them. We believe that the presence of “another brand filament” on the market will further help to realize the desire for creativity.

We are convinced that we will bring pleasure to work with our filaments to all who use them and deal with 3d printing. Let’s also not forget that for having successful and beautiful 3d models, a lot of additional reading and experiments are needed. This is the way you will have the necessary information and to be able to apply it. Don`t forget as well to ask friends for help, to visit forums and even you can ask us. We will be happy to help.

Some important facts about us and our production:

  1. The working hours of the online store are 24/7!
  2. The working hours with clients of our warehouse (10 Maritsa Street, Sofia 1505) are: Working days from 9:00 to 15:00.
  3. We are a MANUFACTURER of filaments. We do NOT resell cheap Chinese filaments.
  4. We use 100% ORIGINAL POLYMER GRANULATE and import it directly.
  5. Our QUALITY is high. Even our boxes are BEAUTIFUL AND HIGH QUALITY, because our life must be quality and aesthetic!

We dedicate our work to the founder of 3d printing – Mr. Charles (Chuck) Hull.

Enjoy working with GD Filament products and … Happy 3D printing! 🙂