The high quality 3D model requires high quality 3D filaments!



Dear Ladies, Gentlemen and smart 3D printers,


GD Filament offers more than 130 colors and nuances filaments, made by different polymer materials: ABS, ASA, PLA, PETG, PC/ABS, PA12, FLEX (TPU and TPE), HIPS – both 1.75 mm and 2.85 mm.

You have a 3d pen – so here we are – sets for 3D pens, PLA 1.75 mm – 5 x 10 m and 10 x 10 m in 17 different variants.  We offer filaments for 3D pen on your choice as well. Visit our shop.

Important note: We offer filament refills insted of spools with filaments. You simply put the refill into a reusable spool, cut the wires and use it. Visit REFILLS in our shop. Stop collecting empty spools. We offer for free downloads our two parts 3d printable spools wich can be use with the refills. For more information visit DOWNLOADS.

You can visit our office and warehouse in Sofia, Maritsa street 10A and choose directly the filaments you need. We work with customers from 9:00 untill 15:00 each workind day, but our online store works 24/7. We deliver with Speedy and Econt.

You can order filaments directly via our eMail:; via mobile: +359 888 627780; via Viber or Messenger, using the same mobile number. To avoid mistakes add the SKU number of the filament you need, please.


And surpisingly we can 3D print as well. We can design your model and print it, or we can use your 3D model.

Enjoy working with GD Filament products and Happy 3D printing! 🙂