WOOD3 pine


WOOD3 pine

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Thickness: 1,75 mm ± 0,05 mm

Temperature (extruder): 180°C – 220°C

Temperature (heating bed): 60°C

Fan: ON

Pack: 750 g net

Nozzle: 0.6 mm recommended

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PLA or polylactic acid is a thermoplastic biodegradable polymer obtained from corn, wheat starch or sugar cane, etc. which are natural products.  PLA is easy to be print on any type 3D printer. Sticks well on any type heat bed. PLA is a strong material having high heat capacity and high mechanical strenght, as PLA max has higher mechanical strenght.

PLA has a nice gloss and clarity, its easy to model and print, it and is made by 100 % renewable raw materials. PLA is Hypoallergenic. PLA is produced from granulated raw material, which we buy from the best producers in USA and Europe. The colors are made by adding masterbatches to the raw material.

WOOD are PLA based filaments, having very small size wooden particles included into the plastics. While printing you can feel the smell of a burned wood.
WOOD filaments are giving a unique view of the printed models.

Additional information

Dimensions 20 × 20 × 8 cm

Wood pine


1.75 mm


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