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Name: (R)-(+)-Limonene, 96%

Size: 500 mL, liquide

Note: Handle with care, solvent!


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When you use HIPS as supporting material for ABS probably you would wish to dissolve the support and leave only the ABS model without any traces of the support. Then you need to use Limonene. Limonene dissolves HIPS and leaves ABS. Limonene has a very nice smell of cytrus.

The proper Limonene for such a job is (R)-(+)-Limonene or D-Limonene. You will need a 3D printer with two extruders for achieveing this goal.

The best way for dissovling HIPS is to mix D-Limonene with Isopropyl Alcohol is a ratio 1:1 and simply soak the part in this solution. The availability and usage of a sonic cleaner will decrease the time of such dissolving.

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