General terms and Conditions

1. Important

1.1. If you choose to pick up the goods from the warehouse choose as payment method “payment on site \ Cash on delivery”.
1.2. If you make an order bigger than 1500,00 BGN (for Bulgaria) or bigger than 750,00 EURO (for orders from abroad) you can choose to send you your order as we pay the transportation cost or to receive 10% financial discount. In this case ask for discount code, we shall give it to you so you can enter it with your order.
1.3. If you have agreed to receive samples also request a discount code and we will send it to you to enter it in your order.
1.4. If you have selected a delivery by courier, select Speedy on the Order tab and the system will open your shopping cart from which you can choose whether to receive the product delivered to a vending machine, to an office or to the address you have specified.

2. General

2.1. The seller’s present general terms and conditions of sale, hereinafter referred to as “terms and conditions”, contain the basic terms and conditions of all offers and contracts in connection with the sale and delivery of goods offered by the seller.
2.2. The general terms and Conditions shall have the force and binding effect as if they were accepted in writing by the seller and in the other cases specified in the Commercial Act.
2.3. In case of discrepancies between the provisions of the general terms and the Commercial Act, the provisions of the Commercial Act prevail. When you complete the sale, you are deemed to have accepted and agree to the terms and conditions.

3. Prices

The prices of the goods are set out in the price list valid at the date of the order and are understood the EX Works stock of the seller, and are subject to change without notice, unless otherwise agreed between the parties. All prices shown are final, including 20% VAT.

4. Delivery time

4.1. The usual delivery time is 1 working day from the date following the date of receipt of the order amount on our account. The delivery period may be changed unilaterally by the seller in the presence of conditions and reasons that would impede its timely execution, for which the seller informs the purchaser, stating the new term. The term of delivery abroad may vary, depending on the destination.
4.2. The seller is exempted from the obligation to deliver the goods in the event that the buyer is in breach of a pecuniary obligation or other obligation under the previous or the same delivery.
4.3. In the event of late delivery, which is not the fault of the seller, the latter shall be entitled to postpone delivery for an appropriate period of time, notifying the purchaser or releasing his obligation in whole or in part. For the period during which execution is deferred in whole or in part, the seller does not owe a penalty, respectively compensation for delay.
4.4. In the event that the goods cannot be delivered as a result of instructions given by the buyer or for any other reason which has arisen by his fault, the seller has the right to hand over the goods to the purchaser at the expense and at buyer’s risk in a place which he deems to be Appropriate. The date of transmission of the storage shall be considered as the date of delivery of the goods, the receipt issued by the warehouse where they were handed over, replaces the delivery documents.
4.5. The delivery of the goods is at risk and at buyer’s expense, unless otherwise agreed.

5. Reserving the right to property

5.1. The goods remain the property of the seller until their price is fully paid, all obligations of the buyer under these general terms and conditions and the applicable legal provisions are not fulfilled, and until all the claims of Seller versus buyer.
5.2. Buyer is not entitled to bet or to provide the goods as collateral before paying their price and fulfill all other obligations under the contract and the general terms and conditions.
5.3. Buyer undertakes to indemnify the seller for all costs and expenses that would resulting in the presence of a possible future judicial/arbitration process in connection with the realisation of the rights of the seller to buyer and/or other third parties arising from Property rights.
5.4. In case of doubts, the seller reserves the right of ownership of the goods, while buyer does not prove in each case that the due price has been paid in full. If the goods supplied by the seller under the reservation of ownership are the subject of a claim by a third party on the basis of, for example, seizure or a third party has brought an action in respect of claims transferred to the seller, the purchaser is obliged to Inform the seller immediately and inform the third party of the retained property right for the benefit of the seller, respectively, of the transfer.

6. Payment method

6.1. The goods that the purchaser orders are shipped ONLY AFTER receiving payment of the entire amount due to the seller’s account. 6.2. Partial payments of the ordered goods are not accepted. 6.3. If you choose to receive the goods from the Warehouse (store) upon payment select CASH on DELIVERY. The payment will be made when you take the goods from the warehouse. 6.4. If the buyer finds an error or inconsistent with the order he has made he can make a substantiated claim through the seller and claim a great execution of the ordered and paid order. Such a claim is made directly with the seller. If buyer wishes to send the ordered goods back, he may do so at his own expense. 6.5. A trace as buyer has accepted the goods is not entitled to claim any delivered delivery. Such claims will not be accepted by the seller.

7. Minimum query value

7.1. The minimum value of a query is the value of one package filament. The seller invoiced further the cost of transport, unless otherwise agreed between the parties.

8. Return of goods

8.1. The seller accepts the return of the goods only in exceptional and justified cases according to his own judgement. The return of the goods must be expressly approved by the seller in writing and in the absence of such approval no return of the goods is accepted and no credit memo is issued. The amount to be refunded upon return of the goods depends on the expiration date, condition and sales suitability of the goods.
8.2. Specific goods ordered which are distinguished from the standard goods offered by the seller may not be returned in accordance with the procedure of the preceding subparagraph.
8.3. The return of the goods is at the expense and at buyer’s risk. 8.4. Goods with broken or torn packaging will not be accepted back by the seller and no improper delivery can be claimed for them.

9. Claims and claims
9.1. Immediately upon receipt of the goods, Buyer shall check the quality and conformity of the goods and whether they have obvious deficiencies. The claim for any apparent disadvantage should be made immediately upon receipt, and if this is not done, it is considered that the goods have been accepted without remarks.
9.2. Returns to the seller regarding hidden disadvantages of the goods must be made in writing within 14 days of receipt of the goods. In the event that buyer does not notify the seller of any deficiencies within the time limit, the goods shall be deemed approved.
9.3. The seller assesses the merits of the claim in each case only if it is made in the specified in art. 9.1, and art. 9.2 period. No claims are considered and the seller has no obligation to adjudicate on the terms.
9.4. Provided that the claim is made in time and is accepted by the seller for good reason, the seller replaces the goods with other ones of the respective type, quantity and quality. In the event that it is not possible to replace the goods, buyer has the right to withhold the goods and to claim a price reduction or to return the goods and to receive the paid price back. When lowering the price or returning the goods under the preceding sentence buyer is not entitled to seek from the seller any damages and/or penalties for non-performance of the contract, as well as to make other claims.
9.5. The presence of hidden deficiencies can only be ascertained by the seller if the latter has been notified in writing of such deficiencies immediately after their discovery, and samples are applied if possible. The buyer must place the defective goods at the disposal of the seller to carry out the examination and/or the necessary samples. If the goods are not made available to the seller for the examination and/or sampling, the claim will not be considered and buyer shall be liable for payment of the full contract price.
9.6. In the event of a default by the seller of the contract of sale and/or these general terms and conditions, his liability shall be limited to his/her guilty acts and/or omissions committed intentionally or grossly negligent.

10. General provisions

10.1. All offers and sales contracts are based on Incoterms 2010. The place of execution of the delivery is the place indicated by the buyer for delivery 10.2. The place of execution of the monetary obligations is Sofia, Bulgaria.

These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws and legal provisions of the Republic of Bulgaria.

All disputes and disagreements between the parties, arising in connection with the provisions of the Treaty and relating to its interpretation, invalidity, non-execution or termination, filling in the gaps in the contract, etc., are allowed friendly through negotiation. If the parties do not agree, they shall refer the matter to arbitration in accordance with the Bulgarian legislation before the arbitration Court of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry based in Sofia, Bulgaria, according to its rules and procedures and in accordance with Bulgarian substantive law.