Welcome to GD Filament !

This is a site for online orders of high quality Bulgarian filament for 3d printing.

It is a pleasure to inform and share that of 27. September 2019 on the markets in Bulgaria, Europe and the world are already available the new threads (filaments) for 3d printing, made by GD Filament. They are produced by us, as we use the possible highest quality materials available at this moment in USA and Europe.

NEW COLORS AND FILAMENTS: PLA max petroleum green 1,75 mm, PC/ABS – red 1,75 mm и PC/ABS black 1,75 m.



GD Filament already offers set filaments for 3d pens. The sets are 5 colors 1o m each, selected by color scales. See the 3d pen section in the online shop !

NEWS:Fibot 3d printer - The new bulgarian 3d printer

We introduce the first bulgarian 3d printer – Fibot ! Congratulations to his creators!

At this stage our product variety is represented by filaments type PLA max , ABS+, PETG, HIPS, FLEX (TPU), PC/ABS, PA12, ASA, SILK, WOOD – in different color variations, as we continue to develop new colors and products. The manufacturer is Company “Fromvoulevs” LTD., Sofia. PLA max has a higher strength than a lovedthe PLA. ABS + does not smell when printing and is suitable for work and with open-type 3d printers. Available in sizes 1.75 mm and 2.85 mm (for Ultimaker-type printers). Our newest filament – HIPS could be use as ordinary filament (its lighter and more plastic than ABS) as well as supporting material for ABS. It is fully soluble in d-limonene and it leaves none traces from the support. It should be used with a double extruder printer. In our Recommendations we give the recommended conditions for working with our filaments. Please read the General Terms and Conditions,which provide clarifications on how we work.

The technology of 3d printing is developing at an incredible pace. Printers are becoming better and more capable, materials increase their species diversity and color gamut, and this leads to an ever-expanding application of 3d printing in areas of the daily household-up to ultra-high technology. Its capabilities are not limited to small toys, biological bodies or fuel mixers for rocket engines – they are simply limitless. 3d printing gives the unique opportunity not only to generate ideas, but also to implement them. We believe that the presence of “one more brand filament” on the market will help further realize the desire for creativity.



We are confident that we will give pleasure in working with our filaments to all who use them and are engaged in 3d printing. We should not forget that for making a sucessful and beautiful 3d model additional reading is obligatory – to have the necessary information and to make possible to apply it.



Few important facts about us and our production:

  1. Opening hours of the ONLINE SHOP are 24/7 !
  2. Opening hours with clients in the warehouse (Maritsa steet 10) are: Monday till Friday, from 9:00 till 15:00.
  3. We PRODUCE filament in our small factory.
  4. We DO NOT RESELL cheap chinese filaments.
  5. We use 100% ORIGINAL РOLYMER GRANULATE and it is imported directly by us.
  6. We keep THE QUALITY up.
  7. Even our boxes are BEAUTIFUL AND HIGH QUALITY, because our life should be high qualitative an aesthetically beautifil !

I dedicate my work to the discoverer of the 3d press-Mr Charles (Chuck) Hull.

Enjoy working with the products of GD Filament and… Happy Printing! 🙂